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Stone Floor Cleaning Wiltshire

Natural stone floors need cleaning from time to time to improve their overall appearance and aesthetic. Although you can follow a routine which prolongs the period between professional visits this may not be enough. You need to enlist a professional stone floor cleaning service regularly for a thorough clean and polish.

If you require maintenance and restoration of stone flooring  our experienced team offer a professional finish each time.

All stone floor cleaning and polishing services begin with an on-site assessment of the floor cleaning needs of the client. Stone Keeping by Joseph Adams will offer you a tailored service based on your cleaning habits.

Before commencing the work, we will check the requirements and demands of the project at hand. This means we can offer you the most accurate quote and maximise the potential of your stone floor.

Limestone Stone Floor Cleaning Wiltshire


A popular, timeless stone, marble flooring offers style and sophistication to your flooring. Our stone restoration and polishing services will help keep your marble in spectacular condition.


Limestone is available in a range of finishes and colours. Offering a rustic, aged look to your interior design, limestone flooring will last for a lifetime. Let us help you keep your limestone polished to the perfect finish with our specialist restoration care.


Terracotta flooring offers a rustic look which has been used for centuries for interior design. This flooring type is popular for kitchens, utility rooms, hallways and other interiors. Our stone floor cleaning will help your Terracotta floors look great.


Dating back to the 16th century, Terrazzo has been a popular flooring choice. If you want to keep your Terrazzo stone looking their best, our polishing, restoration and cleaning service is for you.

Natural Stone Floors

Natural Stone has a neutral, elegant look which can work with any interior. We offer a range of stone restoration services to help maintain the look and quality of your natural stone floors.

Stone Restoration and Maintenance

Regardless of the degree of damage, nature of the surroundings or environment and type of natural stone, we have the specialist experience you can count on for a flawless finish. These services focus on helping you restore your natural stone to their ideal or usual condition. They also help to remove topical coatings and soil that have immediate impacts on the appearance and cleanliness of your stone floors. 

Our specialist products offer the best solution for the maintenance and restoration of your flooring. If you want to extend the life of your natural stone we recommend regular polishing and maintenance. Don't hesitate to contact an experienced cleaning company such as Stone Keeping by Joseph Adams.

How to clean your stone floor: dos and don'ts

As convenient as it would be, you cannot clean a stone floor the same way you clean other hard floor surfaces such as ceramic and timber. To make the most out of your stone floor, Stone Keeping by Joseph Adams have put together a small handy guide below.


Clean any spillage immediately- stones such as marble are porous and will absorb any substance, causing unsightly stains on the surface.

Use only water or specialist soap- usually, a damp mop will be sufficient to remove any surface stains. If you must use soap, ensure that's pH neutral and specifically for stone use.

Sweep often- for practical areas such as kitchens, small debris will find its way into any microscopic scratches on the surface and over time can be stubborn to remove.

Arrange a professional clean and re-polish- the frequency of this depends entirely on the condition of the floor and the amount of foot traffic in your household.


Use any household cleaning products- they are often very corrosive and will eat away the surface of the floor. The same holds true for natural cleaning ingredients such as lemon juice and vinegar.

Jet-wash your garden often- while high-pressure jet washing is a quick way of cleaning away surface dirt, it's a very intrusive method and could potentially open the pores of the stone for further damage.

Place metal objects directly on the stone for a long time- this is especially relevant for outdoor stone tiles, as the metal will almost always leave an unsightly rust stain on the surface of the stone.

Do you require Stone Floor Maintenance?

If your home interior makes use of stone flooring it is important to keep the floor polished and cleaned to a high standard. Stonework maintenance and polishing will keep your floors looking stylish and contemporary for years to come. Ask our expert today for a quotation of how we can help you keep your stone looking pristine.

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