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Stone Floor Restoration and Cleaning

A stone floor looks great but over time they can become dull and lose their colouring. Fortunately, there is help for a person that wants to restore their stone floor. Easy StoneKeeping are the experts who can help you restore that flawless mirror finish to your stone floor, regardless of the type of stone used.

Stone Floor Restoration and Cleaning

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Restore Your Kitchen Flooring for Amazing Results

Has your kitchen flooring seen better days? 

Does your patio need some TLC? 

Contact our stone floor restoration experts to provide your stone floor maintenance needs.

Limestone Kitchen Floors
Interior flooring

Limestone Kitchen Floors

We can make your floors look fantastic again. Call us today to get your limestone floors looking great.

Marble Surfaces

If you have marble floors and surfaces, our regular maintenance will bring back to their original splendour.

Terracotta Flooring

Terracotta flooring can look great if looked after. Ask us about our stone maintenance services.

Terrazzo Stone Flooring

If you have terrazzo Stone floors, we offer a stone floor cleaning and restoration service to keep them fantastic.

old and dirty garden limestone tiles
garden limestone tiles cleaned

When Easy StoneKeeping is restoring a stone floor, we will always take the precautions to leave the site as clean and tidy as possible. All furniture and other removable items are removed- fixed furniture and the base of walls will be protected by a plastic cover. Prior to cleaning, the floor will be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that there are no surface dirt which could have an adverse effect on the restoration process.

The first step to restoring stone is to remove the roughness and remove the top layer of the floor so that no stains or scratches show. The next step is to hone the floor. This will allow the surface of the stone to become smooth and shiny once again. This process will remove additional scratches and stains. The stone will then have a uniformed appearance. Some people can stop at the honing process if they are happy with the way their floor looks. 

limestone floor restored and polished
  • After honing the floor can be polished.
  • This will allow the stone to appear to be shiny.
  • If the floor has not regained its shine due to polishing then crystallisation is needed.
  • This is where a chemical is placed on the stone to create a chemical reaction.
  • This will bring the colour and the brightness back to the floor.
  • There are often polishing treatment that can be used to help protect the shine.

25 Years Experience Making Stone Floors look Fantastic

If you have a tired, lifeless floor which could use a little tender loving care, you count on your local specialists in the South East of England. Easy StoneKeeping over 25 years experience in cleaning, polishing and restoring stone floors so you can count on us to provide you with a comprehensive service. If you have any questions, or to arrange your free, no-obligation quote, please call us via 12345 67890 or use the form below.

Call today on 12345 67890for a quotation.

Or complete the contact form below.

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