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Stone Floor Polishing

It requires specialist knowledge to maintain or clean natural stone floors, and you count on your local experts at Local Business. We are providers of the services focus on cleaning, polishing, repairing, protecting and maintaining natural stones. We also have the adequate equipment needed to bring out the glow out of your natural stone floor. 

Friendly Attitude

Local Business is proud to be family-run business offering tailored solutions to households across the South West. You can expect a personal service from start to finish.

Professional Service

Over the years we are well-established in the area as stone floor specialists. We have over 25 years experience in the stone industry working with all types of stone in homes of all sizes.

Competitive Prices

We will always endeavour to conduct a site visit to provide you with the most accurate quote. Our prices are competitive and many of our customers will not hesitate to recommend us.

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How often to polish a stone floor?

Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. The frequency is highly dependent on the type and condition of the floor and how much foot traffic it receives. Over the time, the polished surface will retain microscopic scratches from the footfall and eventually compromising it's ability to reflect light. This is the culprit behind a dull and tired looking floor. Local Business have the specialist equipment and knowledge to restore your floor to the signature mirror finish. 

The process begins by removing any surface debris then grinding the floor for an even surface. This can help to eliminate any scratches on the existing polish and the surface of the stone. The floor will then be honed to even the surface and polished with a increasingly fine polishing pad to achieve the level of shine required.

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